About Us

Welcome to the unexplored nature at ZACS Valley Resorts. A resort near Perumalmalai – we are an eco-friendly hill resort situated near the national forest in Kodaikanal, South of India. ZACS Valley Resort is more than a usual resort - it is a place to feel and be in Nature. It's a home for nature lovers.
During the early days of civilization, this region has been a home for natural organic vegetables and fruits, which we are trying to revive. A valley that protects you from the noise and pollution of the cities. A place where you will wake up to the songs of the birds and the warm morning sun. Come join us, get rejuvenated!

Are you ready to Unwind to Nature?


Our Standard

Being one of the best resorts in Kodaikanal, we always have to up our standard. Here are a few things we offer that is bound to pamper you during your stay.
1. Environment-Friendly
ZACS Valley has taken a pledge to ensure everything that is in our resort is appreciative of Mother Nature. We believe that the resources are a blessing and preservation is the key. We conserve and utilize all the resources efficiently and effectively.
2. Tranquility at its Finest
In such stressful environments, we believe that people must relax, explore, and unwind with nature. A relaxing environment is ensured. We provide a view that our guests are going to love to wake up to.
3. Never a Moment of Boredom
We at ZACS Valley provide you with a lot of fun activities, such as Walk-in Bird Park, Children Play Area, Dinner with Bonfire, Nature Walk, Herbal Tour, Trekking & Walk to the falls, Night Safari, and so much more!
4. Food For Your Taste Buds
Our Menu ensures a wide array of dishes to choose from. Whether you are a vegetarian, egg-itarian, or non-vegetarian, you are bound to love our food. The dishes can be customized and prepared according to your taste and preferences.